Confluence Migrator Application (Pro)

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Confluence Migrator Application (Pro)

The Confluence Migrator Pro is an all-in-one toolkit that allows you to migrate and reorganise your data in only a few minutes! The migrator is available for any deployment method, whether it is on your server or in the XWiki Cloud. Try it now.

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LicenseGNU Lesser General Public License 2.1
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Migrate your Confluence data, users, attachments and metadata in just a few minutes using the multi space migrator. 

To migrate from Confluence to XWiki you will need: 

  • an XWiki instance with administrator access (advanced user, view hidden pages)
  • access to your XWiki instance's configuration files, if you are running XWiki on your premise
  • a Confluence server XML backup file

The application will take you through the few steps that are needed to complete the migration of a Confluence space. Please follow the instructions in the "Documentation" tab for a full breakdown of each step. 

The Confluence Migrator Pro license and support is included in any Gold and Platinum support contract. In trial mode you will be able to import 30 pages per migration. 

The application can be purchased individually only via online order (credit card payment), following the “How to Buy” procedure described in the "PRICING" tab. The application is part of the XWiki Pro package, which can be purchased through manual order (bank transfer payment) by contacting


  • an XWiki instance with administrator rights
  • access to your XWiki instance's configuration files (if you are running XWiki on premise)
  • Confluence Migrator Pro, Pro Macros and Task Manager Pro installed on your XWiki instance
  • if you wish to migrate Blog posts too, install the Blog Application as well
  • administrator access to the Confluence instance that you wish to migrate content from or a server XML backup file

Once you have installed the Confluence Migrator Pro, open the prerequisites section and perform the necessary configuration in order to make sure the XWiki instance will support the data migration. 


If a prerequisite is met, a checkmark will appear next to its respective line in the dedicated section. 

Data migration

Upload export package into XWiki

In order to migrate your data, first attach the Confluence backup file in the dedicated section of the migrator. 

Note that if you are using a trial, you will be able to import one space and up to 30 pages per migration. All the other functionalities (prerequisites, import configuration, migration report, simultaneous migrations etc.) are available in the trial version. In order to unlock the full capabilities please obtain a license.


You will be able to attach multiple files and start the data migration from any of them. It is also possible to use a space export. If your Confluence backup fails to upload please make sure that your XWiki instance has enough storage and memory, and also that the attachment limit is not too low. If you are using XWiki in the Cloud, please contact the support team, in order for them to perform the necessary configuration. 

Once you have identified the export file that you wish to use, click on "Select package". You will be redirected to the title page, where you can name your migration and configure the import options. 


Select export package from server

Alternatively, if the Confluence export packages are placed on a machine that XWiki has access to, please use the "Select an export from server" option: 


If you wish to modify the default import configuration, for example, to skip user import or to not preserve history, click on "Advanced migration options". Please see below the documentation on each parameter of the Advanced migration options. 


Once you are satisfied with the configuration, click on "Save & View". You will be redirected to the package analyser step. The analysis of the package may take a while if the export is very large. 


Once the analysis of the package is done, the list of spaces will appear. You can select all, multiple or one space and search for a space based on their key. 


After you have selected all the spaces that you wish to migrate in this run, click on "Confirm". You will be redirected on the import log page. The process of importing and moving the pages into their correct location may take a while if the export is very large.


Finally, when the data migration is done, you will be redirected to the report page, where you will see the pages that have been successfully imported, along with the ones affected by errors.


You will be able to also later review the report by clicking on the migration page in the application's homepage. Moreover, you can run multiple migrations in parallel and see their status.


Advanced migration options

You can fine-tune your migration by configuring the advanced migration options. Please see below the details on each parameter: 

Properties of the input filter stream (Confluence XML)

Parameter nameDescriptionExample valueDefault value
Import archived documentsConfluence exports can contain archived documents. XWiki doesn't have a concept of archived document. This parameter lets you optionally import archived documents as regular XWiki documents instead of ignoring them. FALSE
Import archived spaces.Confluence exports can contain archived spaces. XWiki doesn't have a concept of archived space. This parameter lets you optionally import archived spaces as regular XWiki spaces instead of ignoring them. FALSE
Import attachmentsIf you don't want to import document attachments, set this to false. TRUE
Base URLsThe list of base URLs leading to the Confluence instance. They are used to convert wrongly entered absolute URLs into wiki links. The first URL in the list will be used to compute page URLs used in the conversion report if the the 'Store Confluence details' property is used.
This parameter is used to convert (fix) absolute URLs present as links in the documents that will get imported. The bases of this URLs should be input in this field so that they are converted from the Confluence to the XWiki links. For example, adding in this field www.<myconfluence>.com/wiki/spaces will convert absolute links such as www.<myconfluence>.com/wiki/space/KEY/page into www.<myxwiki>.com/bin/view/KEY/page.
Blog Space nameThis field defines the name of the space under which blog posts will be imported. By default, a "Blog" space will be created under "SPACE KEY". Blog
Import blog postsThis field decides whether to import blog posts or not. By leaving the default value "true", blog posts will be imported. By changing the value to "false", blog posts will not be imported. Note that if you wish to import blog posts you need to install the Blog Application in XWiki.  TRUE
Cleanup modeThe mode to use for cleaning up temporary files produced when parsing the Confluence package.
SYNC: clean up right after the filter stream is done.
ASYNC: same, but asynchronously.
NO: don't clean up at all
ASYNC in the Confluence Migrator Pro Application
Produce rendering events for the contentParse the content to produce rendering events (if the output filter supports them).This is needed in very specific conditions. We do not recommend modifying this parameter unless you know what you are doing. FALSE
Import contentsThis parameter defines whether to import the body and set content of regular documents and blog posts (if blog posts are imported). We do not recommend modifying this parameter. TRUE
XWiki ConversionThis parameter defines whether to convert
user, space and document references from the Confluence names to the XWiki names. This includes user id mapping and group mapping described below, which will not be applicable if this parameter is set to false.
The confluence syntax to XWiki syntax
This is needed in very specific conditions. We do not recommend modifying this parameter unless you know what you are doing. In particular, XWiki may not be able to render your imported documents and links will probably be broken if you disable this.
Default localeThis parameter defines the locale that will be used for the imported documents.
Usage example: you have a xwiki instance that you want to be localized with both en and fr. The default locale for your instance is en. You have a Confluence instance that has its content in French. You import from Confluence to XWiki and all the created documents will have their locale set to your xwiki default locale (en) and the content brought from Confluence wwill be in French. Ideally, you set the parameter default locale to "fr" so all the imported documents will have their locale equal to "fr". Now, if you want to also have an English version of the documents, you create it and translate it.
Page name validationThis parameter defines whether the pages should be validated against and converted using XWiki's current page naming strategy. This works if the XWIKI CONVERSION field is set to "true".
This is needed in very specific conditions. We do not recommend modifying this parameter unless you know what you are doing. In particular, XWiki may not be able to render your imported documents and links will probably be broken if you disable this.
Excluded pagesList in this field the Confluence pages to ignore from the import. The format is a comma separated list of page IDs where each number is a page id.

See also the Ranges and the Included pages parameters.
Group name mappingThis field offers the option to specify a list of A=X relations where A is a Confluence group name and X is an XWiki group name. A will be renamed to X. These sets are separated using the pipe character (|). If several Confluence groups are mapped to the same XWiki group, the groups will be merged: users of all the Confluence groups will be added to the given XWiki group. For instance, with A=X|B=X, users in Confluence group A and in Confluence group B will be added to XWiki group X. If X is empty, the group will be discarded.
This parameter is used for two things:
Group and user imports
Permission migration (the Confluence permission applying to Confluence group A will be translated and will apply to XWiki group X).
Also note the existence of the "group name prefix" and the "group name sufix" output filter stream parameters that apply on top of this mapping.
Import historySet this to false if you want to discard previous revisions of documents (for performance, space or import speed concerns) TRUE
Home redirectWhen non nested import is used, home pages are renamed so they can be the home page of spaces in XWiki. If set to true, redirects are output so links to these pages are not broken. When nested import is used, this parameter is ignored. TRUE
Included pagesThis field allows you to specify pages that should be imported. The format is a comma separated list of page IDs where each number is a page id.
See also the Ranges and the Excluded pages parameters.
Macro content syntaxThis parameter defines the target syntax to be used.
This is needed in very specific conditions. We do not recommend modifying this parameter unless you know what you are doing
Max Page countif you want to limit the number of imported pages, set this to the desired number. -1 disable any limitation -1
Nested importDefines how to handle nested spaces
false: use the old XWiki behavior, which also corresponds to how Confluence represents parent relationship between pages. The 
Nested Pages Migrator Application will be needed to convert this relationship into the current native XWiki way of representing parentship.
true: use the new XWiki behavior.
true in the Confluence Migrator Pro Application.
Note: the default will probably be changed to true at some point in the future.
Import non-blog contentThis field defines whether to import non-blog contents (normal documents) or not. When this parameter and the IMPORT BLOG POSTS are set to "true", both regular pages and blog posts get imported. Set this parameter to "false" if you wish to import only blog posts present in an export package. TRUE
Object ID rangesRanges of Confluence objects to read.
Can be used to restore an interrupted migration.
Several comma-separated ranges can be given. Note that the order used for these ranges are not increasingly big ids, but in the order they are processed by the Confluence module. This order may change between versions of the parser, but is guaranteed to be the same between different runs using the same version of the Confluence module. Ranges must not overlap. Overlapping ranges are not supported, may lead to surprising results and their behavior is not guaranteed to be stable. In the same vain, ranges must be ordered in the parsing order.
[4242,] - only read object id 4242 and all the following ones
(4242,] - same, but exclude object id 4242
[,4242] - read all objects until object id 4242 included
[,4242) - same, but exclude 4242
[4242,2424], [3456,1234] - read objects between 4242 and 2424 both included, then ignore objects until 5656 and read objects between 5656 and 1234 both included (notice how IDs may look disordered)
Prefixed macrosThis field stores an allowlist of macros that should be prefixed. A few macros exist both in XWiki and in Confluence under the same name. In order to allow the usage of the bridge macros (dedicated to displaying content in the same manner as it was in Confluence), those macros should be prefixed so that the bridge macros (e.g. "confluence_gallery") are used and not the original XWiki macro (e.g. "gallery"). We do not recommend modifying this parameter. attachments,gallery,chart
Import rightsThis parameter definer whether permissions set in Confluence should be migrated into XWiki.
This parameter definer whether permissions set in Confluence should be migrated into XWiki.
Importing users and groups is not mandatory; rights will be imported without. However, if you disable user or group import to import them using another method, for the correct rights to apply to the correct users and groups, you will need to create the users and the groups with the exact same names that are in Confluence, or that are specified in the User id mapping and Group name mapping parameters (as these two parameters will be respected by the right migration even if groups and users are not imported).
Root space nameIf you want content to be put in a specific space instead of at the wiki root, set this to the name of this spaceMigrated 
Space Home PageThis parameter defines which document name to use for the Confluence space home page.
Changing this is needed in very specific conditions. We do not recommend modifying this parameter unless you know what you are doing. Anything else than WebHome could lead to suprising behavior.
Title spaces from their home pageTitle spaces using the Confluence home page titles instead of the Confluence space names.
Home pages in Confluence are usually named something like "Home" or "SPACENAME Home", which is not very helpful. In Confluence, spaces are named and that's usually what you want as the title of spaces in XWiki.
However, if you happen to have useful home page titles, you may want to set this to true.
Space name are always taken from Confluence space keys regardless what you choose here.
Store Confluence detailsThis parameter specifies whether to store Confluence metadata in migrated documents as objects.
This is usually useless, but in some cases, this metadata can be useful for debugging purposes and might end up useful to support CQL-based Confluence macros like spacebylabel or detailssummary in the future.
Import tagsSet this to false if you don't want Confluence labels to be migrated to XWiki tags TRUE
Unknown macro prefixThis field defines the prefix to be used for the macros specified in the "Prefixed macros" field.
We do not recommend modifying this parameter.
Unprefixed macrosThis field stores a denylist of macros that should not be prefixed. We do not recommend modifying this parameter. N/A
User id mappingA mapping between Confluence user id located in the package and wanted ids.
Similar to GROUP NAME MAPPING, this field stores a list of A=B couples separated with a pipe character (|) where A is the name of a Confluence user and B is the desired user name in XWiki.
Produce user referencesThis parameter defines if links to user profiles should be created for existing Confluence user profile links. FALSE
Import usersImport the users and groups found in the confluence package.
If this parameter is set to true, user profiles present in the export package will be imported into XWiki. Setting this parameter to "false" may be needed if you use a central user directory service like LDAP or Active Directory, in which case you need to decide on a careful user migration strategy.
Users wikiThe wiki where to import users.If you have a multi wiki environment and you set the Import users to "true", you can specify here the wiki in which users should be created. N/A (current wiki)
VerboseThis field defines whether to create detailed import logs or not.
If you are using the Confluence Migrator Pro Application, we do not recommend modifying this parameter.

Properties of the output filter stream (XWiki instance)

Default value: "true". 

This field defined whether to create detailed import logs or not. We do not recommend modifying this parameter. 

The author to use when saving documents.
Default value: N/A. 

If you wish to have all imported pages last saved by a certain user, specify said user in this field. 

The prefix to add before each new group name.
Default value: N/A. 

Specify here a string that will be added as a prefix to newly created or mapped groups, following the data import. 

The suffix to add after each new group name.
Default value: N/A.

Specify here a string that will be added as a suffix to newly created or mapped groups, following the data import.

The comment to set when saving a document.
Default value: "Import".

The comment visible on the first version of the imported page. Currently slightly unstable. 

Indicate if the versions coming from the events should be kept
Default value: "true".

This field defines whether the following metadata of each version is kept: date, creation date, content update date, document version. If IMPORT HISTORY is set to "true" we recommend keeping this parameter "true" as well. 

Indicate if the authors coming from the events should be kept. If false the current user is used.
Default value: "true". 

If this field is set to true, the author metadata is imported. If this is set to "false" the current user is used as the author of the imported pages. 

The base reference to use to resolve reference from events
Default value: N/A.

if the input filter provide relative references, this is the reference that will be used to fill the missing parts. 

The default syntax if not is provided in events
Default value: N/A.

XWiki syntax to be used when importing content. We do not recommend modifying this parameter. 

Indicate if existing document should be deleted before importing the new one.
Default value: "true".

We do not recommend modifying this parameter. 

Indicate if an exception should be thrown if a document save fail
Default value: "false".

We do not recommend modifying this parameter.

Supported confluence macros

XWiki and Confluence both have their sets of macros, usually used to present content in a particular manner. In order for a macro used in Confluence to display in the same manner in XWiki, the macro has to have the same name and supported parameters. In an effort to make the transition as easy as possible for organisations that migrate from Confluence to XWiki, the Pro Applications team has dedicated significant efforts to creating XWiki macros identical to the most used Confluence macros. These macros are all present in the Pro Macros bundle. 

For the macros that do not support migration and that are used on the Confluence instance, the wiki content will be imported, but they will not be displayed in XWiki identically to the Confluence counterpart. In view mode, an error message will appear, while in wiki edit mode, the syntax and content of the macro will be visible. As the wiki content will be imported and stored, if one of the currently unsupported macros will become available in the Pro Macros package, the content will subsequently be displayed identically to the Confluence counterpart following the update and introduction of said macro in the Pro Macros.

If one or multiple macros are required, the Client may choose to sponsor the development of those macros. Please contact if you would like to inquiry about the development of certain macros.

Macro name Migration supported Comments
expand  Yes  
details  No CQL parser required
toc  Yes  
jira  Partial  Parameters : server, columns id, columns, jqlQuery, serverId. Depends on the parameters supported.
children  Yes  Basic version of the macro is available. Some parameters are missing.
recently-updated  Yes  
anchor  Yes  
panel  Yes  
view-file  Yes  
status  Yes  
info  Yes  
create-from-template  No  Already included in the standard «Create» wizard of XWiki. Should not be migrated
code  Yes  
contentbylabel  No  CQL parser required
include  Yes  
tasks-report-macro  Yes  
display-footnotes  No  
pagetree  Yes  
detailssummary  No  CQL parser required
warning  Yes  
tip  Yes  
note  Yes  
attachments  Yes  
column  Yes  
excerpt-include  Yes  
section  Yes  
excerpt  Yes  
pagetreesearch  No  
profile-picture  Partial  
contributors  Yes  
livesearch  No  
roadmap  No  
blog-posts  No  Migrate to the Blog application. Complexity depends on the parameters to migrate
noformat  No  Migrate to the Code macro
viewxls  Yes  
gliffy  Yes  
table-filter  No  
ui-expand  No  
mathinline  No  
calendar  No  Configurable calendar macro. Date macro exists.
change-history  Partial  Same information as the History panel, which is displayed by default in the page. The migration will imply removing the change history macro and using the history tab.
ui-button  No  
style  No  Migrate to SSX
jirachart  No  Improvements of the JIRA macro
div  No  
gadget  No  
navmap  No  
widget  No  
pivot-table  No  
viewppt  Yes  
table-chart  No  
listlabels  No  
scroll-ignore  No  
viewpdf  Yes  
auitabspage  No  
auitabs  No  
status-handy  No  
jira-key  No  Migration to the XWiki JIRA macro, which is already capable to display the status of a single issue.
content-report-table  Yes  
multiexcerpt  No  
ui-tab  No  
ui-tabs  No  
chart  No  
table  No  
auihorizontalnav  No  
plantuml  No  
unmigrated-wiki-markup  No  
numberedheadings  No  
popular-labels  No  Migration to tag cloud
bgcolor  No  
table-excerpt-include  No  
ui-text-box  No  
table-joiner  No CQL parser required
multiexcerpt-include  No  
table-excerpt  No  
outgoing-links  No  
task-list  Yes  See task-report-macro
userlister  Yes  
confluence-advanced-macros  No  
footnote  No  
viewdoc  Yes  
live-template  No  
drawio  Yes  
pagestatus  No  
confluence-information-plugin  No  
jira-jqlQuery  No  Migration to the XWiki JIRA macro, which is already capable to execute JQL queries
ui-step  No  
ui-steps  No  
multimedia  Yes  
tasklist  Yes  
html  Yes  in some instances macro call is html-macro
survey  No  
markdown  No  
tooltip  No  
spreadsheets  No  
gallery  Yes  
vote  No  
hideelements-macro  No  
scroll-exportbutton  No  
unmigrated-inline-wiki-markup  No  
mathblock  No  
scroll-pagebreak  No  
toc-zone  No  
incoming-links  No  
htmlcomment  No  
insight-objects-macro  No  
linkgraph  No  
dbbox  No  
report-info  No  
report-table  No  
timestamp  No  
pageapproval  No  
scroll-pagetitle  No  
scroll-tablelayout  No  
auiprogress  No  
auiprogressstepstatic  No  
get-metadata  No  
favpages  No  
loremipsum  No  
polls  No  
add-label  No  
contributors-summary  No  
profile  Yes  
mockup  No  
scroll-landscape  No  
add-page-form  No  
shared-block  No  
scroll-imagemap  No  
json-from-table  No  
add-page  No  
lucidchart  No  
multivote  No  
table-plus  Partial  
center  No  Migrate to XWiki syntax.
rw-search  No  
scroll-only  No  
metadata  No  
user-macro  No  
tel  No  
oitlogo  No  
link-to  No  
scroll-title  No  
jiraissues  No  
list-permitted-users-macro  No  
workflowreport  No  
sharelinks-urlmacro  No  
scroll-portrait  No  
search  No  
unit  No  
card  No  Re-use the existing tabs macro
deck  No  Re-use the existing tabs macro
wireframe  No  
rss  No  
tr  No  Migrate to XWiki syntax
ui-children-cards  No  
pagebreak  No  
tableplus  No  
link-window  No  
plantumlrender  No  
conditionalcontent  No  
auimessage  No  
metadata-from  No  
flowchart  No  
auibutton  No  
th  No  Migrate to XWiki syntax
sv-translation  No  
topusers  No  
include-shared-block-inline  No  
questionslist-macro  No  
inc-drawio  No  
span  No  Macro to generate wiki syntax
globaltimeline  No  
include-shared-block  No  
discussion-information-box  No  
discussion-contributors  No  
childtabs  No  
discussion-list  No  
redirect  No  
latex  No  
lastmod  No  Equivalent to recently updated macro
portfolio-for-jira-plan  No  
usage  No  
spaceaccessusersminimal  No  
space-attachments  No  
countdown  No  
recently-updated-dashboard  No  "legacy macro" according to confluence docs, which seems to recommend the "recently updated macro" instead
collapsible-panel  No  
join-event  No  
join-event  No  
playsql-query  No  
choose-label  No  
english  No  
scroll-ignore-inline  No  
pocketquery  No  
tbd  No  
cql-search  No  
italian  No  
page-info  No  
pageactivity  No  
img  No  Migrate to XWiki syntax
highlight  No  
pagetreecreator-button  No  
csv  No  
progress-bar  No  
index  No  
pagetreecreator-default-value  No  
csv-table  No  
align  No  
alert  No  
json-table  Partial  
mermaid-macro  No  
visio  No  
button  No  
spacegraph  No  
talk  No  
spaces  No  
popular  No  
iframe  No  Migrate to XWiki syntax + HTML macro
excel  No  
divbox  No  Could be translated to standard wiki syntax
miro  No  Advanced embed : possibility to define how to display Miro drawings
viewfile  Yes  
cheese  No  
scroll-office-ignore  No  
new-anchorpage  No  
scroll-content-block  No  
related-labels  No  
contact-qr-code  No  
fancy-bullets  No  
auibuttongroup  No  
create-page  No  
ancestor-labels  No  
viedpdf  No  
space-breadcrumbs  No  
discussion-summary  No  
metadata-report  No  
discussion-space-contributors  No  
space-metadata  No  
aui-tab-group  No  
handy-tip  No  
ptc-template-properties-macro  No  
excerpt-includeplus  No  
upcoming-events  No  
localtab  No  
parent-link  No  
html-include  No  
localtabgroup  No  
creation-infos  No  
event-calendar  No  
content-by-user  No  
scroll-pdf-ignore  No  
roundrect  No  Migrate to XWiki syntax
pagetreecreator-multi-button  No  
pre  No  
cloak  No  Re-use the existing show/hide macro
toggle-cloak  No  Re-use the existing show/hide macro
link-page  No  
attachment-table  No  
talk-report  No  
math  No  
handy-carousel  No  
auidialog  No  
spaceaccessusers  No  
tabs-group  No  
tab-pane  No  
document-states-report  No  
include-version  No  
alias  No  
handy-post-organizer  No  
horizontal-nav-group  No  
horizontal-nav-item  No  
nav-group-advanced  No  
nav-item-advanced  No  
lozenge  No  
ui-image  No  
google-calendar  No  
mathdisplay  No  
network  No  
ptc-tag-description  No  
recently-used-labels  No  
tracking-info  No  
includeplus  No  
plantumlreader  No  
spreadsheet-table  No  
child-counter  No  
version-history  No  
space-details  No  
scroll-office-only  No  
mathblock-ref  No  
search-box  No  
ptc-template-page-properties-macro  No  
priority1  No  
rw-users  No  
clickable  No  
question-answer-list-macro  No  
scroll-office-only-inline  No  
imagemap  No  
checkbox-list  No  
confluence-button  No  
include-children  No  
scroll-pdf-only  No  
create-space-button  No  
latex-formatting  No  
map  No  
priority2  No  
checkbox  No  
german  No  
auihorizontalnavpage  No  
handy-reminder  No  
im  No  
markdown-from-url  No  
page-status  No  
confluence-open-api  No  
database-structure  No  
document-stats-report  No  
sv-pagetree  No  
scroll-only-inline  No  
priority3  No  
recently-updated-dashboard-category  No  
rw-pagetree  No  
rw-news  No  
navitabs  No  
global-reports  No  
flowchartrender  No  
scroll-bookmark  No  
orpheaned-links  No  
metadata-values  No  
timeline-template  No  
zeiterfassung  No  
confiform  No  
confiform-value  No  
ptc-jira  No  
listallgroups  No  
mugshot-gallery  No  
pageapproval-report  No  
space-metadata-list  No  
metadata-list  No  
noprint  No  
ui-children  No  
pagetitle  No  
page-view-macro  No  
vertical-nav-group  No  
vertical-nav-item  No  
sp-infobulle  No  
scroll-indexterm  No  
scroll-office-index-term  No  
scroll-office-ignore-inline  No  
workflow-reporter  No  
metadata-calculate  No  
database-info  No  
playsql-chart  No  
vbcp-macro  No  
confiform-entry-register  No  
course-list  No  
format-text  No  
page-permissions  No  
scroll-to-top  No  
gatracking  No  
space-news  No  
rw-users-space  No  
rw-favpages  No  
spaceadmins  No  
childrenbylabel  No  
surveydisplay  No  
french  No  
japanese  No  
increment-metadata  No  
space-metadata-from  No  
metadata-table  No  
atlassian  companion  
diagramly  No  
subpages  No  Equivalent to children macro
wiki-markup  No  
rate  No  
aui-pages-by-label-tab  No  
searchandsortbydate  No  
contributor  No  
ptc-jira-automation  No  
bibtex-display  No  
tbody  No  
userloginlist  No  
space_administrators  No  
labeltabs  No  
canadian-en  No  
lock-content-macro  No  
currency-converter  No  
view-generic-group-rule-execution-logs  No  
view-export-rule-execution-logs  No  
handy-post-organizer-content  No  
chinese  No  
english-us  No  
layout  Yes  
td  No  Migrate to XWiki syntax
composition-setup  No  Cannot be migrated. Specific to the Composition extension
float  No  Migrate to XWiki syntax
jira-chart  No  
banner  No  
showcase  No  
show-card  No  
bibtex-reference  No  
getbitbucketadmins  No  
getitrackusers  No  
jql-table  No  
lastupdateddate  No  
mathjax-block-macro  No  
mathjax-inline-macro  No  
monthcalendar  No  
prezi  No  
privacy-mark  No  
rest-table  No  
table-enhancer  No  
wasdalink  No  
database-query-compact  No  
csv-export  No  
google-map  No  
tableenhancer  No  
dynamic_checkboxes  No  
signature  No  
graphity  No  
confluence_gallery  No  
enhanced-profile  No  
umgebungsliste-vvp  No  
members-page-disclaimer  No  
activeusers  No  
mail-form  No  
subspaces  No  
text-data  No  
list-data  No  
date-data  No  
number-data  No  
user-options  No  
list-option  No  
attachment-data  No  
label-options  No  
report-column  No  
local-reporter  No  
text-sort  No  
report-empty  No  
checklist-wiki  No  
checklist-excerpt  No  
checklist-label  No  
easy-dropdown-menu-predefined  No  
easy-dropdown-menu  No  
/ shortcut  No  
pdfpagebreak  No  
odoo-connect  No  
forecast  No  
popular-pages  No  
tagcloud  No  Cloud of Tags XWiki alternative
getcustomername  No  
getsalesopportunity  No  
getusername  No  
unitube  No  
requirement  No  
requirement-baseline  No  
requirement-property  No  
requirement-report  No  
requirement-report-pages  No  
jira-confluence-issue-field-macro  No  
jira-confluence-issue-macro  No  
chart-plugin  No  
hautonumheadmacro  No  
listables  No  
leanix-widget  No  
folder-attachments  No  
sa-page-version  No  
html-macro  No  
cnfl-code-snippet  No  
lref-onedrive-embedded-file  No  
lref-onedrive-files-list  No  
decisionreport  No  
lref-onedrive-file  No  
simple-qa-export-view  No  
simple-qa-overview  No  
hover  No  
multiexcerpt-macro  No  
multiexcerpt-enhanced-permissions  No  
multiexcerpt-include-macro  No  
markdown-url  No  
markdown-attachment  No  
css-class  No  
css-style  No  
marked  No  
drawio-sketch  No  Editor with a custom skin
show-if  No  
hide-if  No  
viewport-redirect  No  
viewport-url-redirect  No  
viewtracker  No  
recently-viewed  No  
viewtracker-report  No  
mail-input  No  
responses-table  No  
checkbox-button-group  No  
mail-date-picker  No  
hide  No  
sql-query  No  
sql  No  
cache  No  
future  No  
table-data  No  
hidden-data  No  
um_relatedcontentbylabel  No  
aui-button  No  
um_signuplist  No  
um_space_viewers  No  
um_group_userinfo_table  No  
um_siblingtabs  No  
um_reloadnsec  No  
um_child_tabs  No  
um_linktosiblings  No  
um_group-permissions  No  
um_user-permissions  No  
removewatchesforuser  No  
um_user_group_individual_permissions  No  
um_include_child_pages  No  
content-reporter  No  
date-sort  No  
report-block  No  
report-body  No  
report-image  No  
repeat-filter  No  
date-filter  No  
text-filter  No  
grouping-reporter  No  
user-reporter  No  
report-on  No  
content-filter  No  
issue  No  
report  No  
button-handy  No  
easy-dropdown-menu  No  
aura-divider  No  
tabs-group  No  
tab-pane  No  
horizontal-nav-item  No  
horizontal-nav-group  No  
vertical-nav-group  No  
vertical-nav-item  No  
progress-bar  No  
tableenhancer  No  
text-area  No  
radio-buttons  No  
check-box  No  
pulse-button  No  
includeplus  No  
excerpt-includeplus  No  
hide-if  No  
ui-text-box  No  
ui-expand  No  
customcss  No  
confiform-table  No  
confiform-list  No  
confiform-card  No  
confiform-calendar  No  
confiform-table-merger  No  
confiform-field  No  
sp-macro-panels  No  
progress-bar-advanced  No  
tabs-tabsgroup  No  
task-report-macro  No  
gu-blognavigation  No  
gu-language-dropdown  No  
gu-spaceadmin  No  
st  No  
status-list  No  
users-report  No  
admin-report-plugins-usage-full  No  
all-space-admins  No  
gu-language-dropdowns  No  
gu-tear-off-calendar  No  
mail-clear  No  
mail-label  No  
bv-blogtree  No  
easy-dropdown-menu-edit-mode  No  
gu-space-logo  No  
mail-submit  No  
mail-success  No  
mt-dashboard-helper  No  
mt-user-page-stats  No  
list-all-users  No  
mttopusers  No  
bv-random-user-list  No  
gu-dropdowns  No  
mt-likes  No  
mt-who-read-what-page  No  
label-picker  No  
mail-textarea  No  
mt-content-not-edited-in-days  No  
mt-content-by-user-by-days  No  
bv-favpages-box  No  
junitreport  No  
sp-link  No  
bv-quicklink-wrapper  No  
bv-top-likes  No  
group-permissions  No  
gu-button-add  No  
gu-dropdown  No  
gu-loremipsum  No  
spacejump  No  
gu-attachmentlist  No  
gu-tabs  No  
mt-enable-numbered-headings  No  
sp-list  No  
bv-recently-updated-box  No  
gu-blog-posts  No  
mt-disable-numbered-headings  No  
top-stories  No  
gu-css-helper  No  
gu-rotatingimage  No  
disable-numbered-headings  No  
gu-tab  No  
gu-block  No  
gu-button-theme  No  
bv-quicklink  No  
mt-survey  No  
mt-expandable-toc  No  
gu-menu  No  

Installation Steps

This paid extensions requires false or above. In order to install the extension, follow the next steps inside your XWiki instance (on cloud or on premise).

Navigate to the Extension Manager

In the Applications Panel click on "More Applications..." and then "Install new applications...". Alternatively navigate directly to the Administration and select the "Extensions" section.


Install the Extension

Search for the extension you wish to install and use the Install button to install it.


Get a License

Navigate to the "Licenses" section of the Administration, fill your details, look for the extension you just installed in the live table and click the buttons to get a trial license or to buy a license.


Install the License

If you have selected a trial license then you're good and there's nothing else to do. Your trial license is automatically installed.

However if you've selected to buy a license you'll be redirected to a page to perform the payment. At the end you need to come back to the "Licenses" administration section and click on the "Check for Updates" button. This will download and apply the license you bought.

Use the Extension

Start using the Extension! Refer to the extension's documentation to know how to use it.

Installing Paid Apps on Subwikis

If you want to install an application on the whole farm (main wiki + subwikis), you can do so directly from the main wiki’s Extension Manager, as seen below:


Extensions can also be installed only on a particular subwiki by global admins. Subwiki admins will not be able to install these extensions due to their limited rights.


The price is per year and varies depending on the support level and the number of users.

Support / Users Unlimited


What do you get when you purchase an XWiki extension?

1 year license

By purchasing an XWiki extension license, you'll benefit from it during one year.

Free updates

You benefit from all the extension updates during one year. You are always up to date.

Support included

If you are facing an issue, you can reach the XWiki support. Our team is always available to help.

How to Buy

To buy, install this extension from inside your XWiki instance and follow the instructions.

Release notes


  • #134: Make sure the "Users wiki" parameter correctly references global users/groups on migrated permission objects
  • #136: All modules are called "Confluence Migrator Application (Pro)"


  • #132: Gather all converters into the Confluence Migrator Pro
  • #133: Convert the Multiexceprt family of macros


  • #129: Selecting a package fails because of a cast error


  • #126: Skip the space selection screen when there is only one space in the Confluence package
  • #127: Reports can't show migrated spaces when the space question screen was skipped 
  • #128: Allow leaving out file:// when specifying a server path as a source package


  • #125: Convert pagetreesearch to locationSearch


  • #123: Convert livesearch macros into search location macros



  • #122: The state of migrations which died is misrepresented in the migration list and on the report page 

Update dependency on the Confluence XML package to version 9.47.0, which starts supporting exports from Confluence 8.X.


  • #89: Stack traces are on one single line in job logs
  • #90: Stack traces from job logs are hard to copy paste
  • #120: Huge logs are causing out of memory (heap space) exceptions in migration pages


  • #119: Store huge json objects in attachments instead of object fields in MigrationClass



  • #99: Don't depend on Pro Macro's expand macro
  • #70: Get rid of the nested page migrator
  • #116: Incorrect naming of the brokenLinksPages property in MigrationClass breaks XAR import and exports of migration pages
  • #118: The Confluence page id of page affected by broken links is sometimes given instead a friendly link to the imported page
  • #117: Incorrectly resolved documents make it looks like pages where imported into the ConfluenceMigratorPro space

Update dependency on the Confluence XML package to version 9.46.0, which tries to import pages even when they contain a bad revision.


Update dependency on the Confluence XML package to version 9.45.0, which fixes group rights issues due to spaces being converted to underscores in group names.


New features:

  • #53: Add the ability to interrupt a migration
  • #108: Sort migrations by creation date (most recent first)


  • #45: Green "Migration complete" message shown when clicking on cancel
  • #101: Migrations restart when an exception is thrown in the Confluence Migrator Pro code

Update dependency on the Confluence XML package to version 9.44.0, which fix a view right propagation issue.


Update dependency on the Confluence XML package to version 9.43.0, which fix a view right propagation issue.


  • #111: Ignore events related to migrations not started with Confluence Migrator Pro 
  • #110: Errors should be qualified critical
  • #109: The "non-critical" qualification of issues is unfortunate 
  • #112: Support page ids in link mappings

Update dependency on the Confluence XML package to version 9.42.0, which fix a view right propagation issue.


Update dependency on the Confluence XML package to version 9.41.0, which fix a view right propagation issue.


  • #106: Link Mapping is updated when option " Use saved link mapping", not "Update link mapping", is  checked


  • #103: Rights-only migration triggers an exception which restarts the migration
  • #104: Log contents are interpreted as XWiki syntax
  • #105: Use link mapping to avoid broken links with space exports
  • #100: Pro Macros marked as unsupported when they actually are

Update dependency on the Confluence XML package to version 9.40.0.


  • #66: Hide the "Not supported macros" section if there are none


  • #98: Class cast exception causing infinite migration restarts


Update dependency on the Confluence XML package to version 9.39.3.



  • #97: Broken link table is displayed as raw HTML
  • #95: NPE during some migration because of null log marker
  • #96: Space names are incorrectly escaped in the report


  • #87: Dedicate a section to broken link warnings
  • #94: Visiting a migrated space from the migration report is not easy
  • #93: Missing object only output filter stream descriptor
  • #85: Space selection search usually finds nothing when upper case characters are typed
  • #63: Add detailed description for the "GROUP NAME MAPPING" field on Advanced Migration Options

Update dependency on the Confluence XML package to version 9.39.2.

This release is unusable, please upgrade to the next.



  • #80: Group name prefix and Group name suffix output stream parameters don't work
  • #82: Add children to the macros prefixed by default
  • #83: Hide the output filter stream parameters from the UI

Update dependency on the Confluence XML package to version 9.39.1.


Update dependency on the Confluence XML package to version 9.39.0.


Update dependency on the Confluence XML package to version 9.38.2.


Update dependency on the Confluence XML package to version 9.37.1.



  • #79:The wrong document tree is shown in the migration report when using the root space feature 


Update dependency on the Confluence XML package to version 9.37.0.


  • #65: Allow cleaning group pages names when migrating confluence rights


  • #78: MigrationClass uses wiki syntax and WYSISWG for fields storing JSON


Update dependency on the Confluence XML package to version 9.36.2.


  • #73: Display warning and error counts Type: New Feature
  • #74: Display dates in the migration job log after it finished
  • #77: Display the imported document count


  • #76: Don't make the users wait for the package to be cleaned up
  • #75: When prefilling configuration from a previous migration, package selection is ignored



  • #72 Upgrade Licensor dependency to version 1.25


Update dependency on the Confluence XML package to version 9.36.1.


  • #71 Don't wait for the Solr queue to be empty when not using NPMIG


Update dependency on the Confluence XML package to version 9.35.1 allowing:

New features:

  • #69 Directly import as nested spaces instead of using the nested page migrator by default

Bug fixes:

  • #37 Add the option to overwrite pages
  • #50 Page modification dates are not correctly migrated into XWiki
  • #54 No logs during user import
  • #62 Import Confluence regular pages as children of root spaces
  • #68 WebPreferences document is visible after import

This is an important release that changes three important  things (besides various improvements):

  • The nested page migration ("conversion") step is now skipped by default. Pages are now directly nested. This should provide important performance improvements.
  • The root pages of imported spaces are now the home Confluence page, and not the space description as it was until now. The space description was often empty, leading to a confusing state where the root of spaces was an empty page and then under it the home page, and then under the home page, regular pages.
  • You can now create a migration from a given document, effectively letting you "restart" a migration, using the "object id range" property.


New feature:

  • #32 As part of the migration report of a Confluence package, list the Confluence macros that are missing in XWiki

 Update dependency on the Confluence XML package to version 9.34.1


Bugs fixed:

  • #61 Selecting a package from the server is only possible when migrations have already been done


New feature:

  • #60 Selecting a package from the server is only possible when migrations have already been done

Update dependency on the Confluence XML package to version 9.33.1


Update dependency on the Confluence XML package to version 9.33.0.


Bugs fixed:

  • #57 NPE when a page title is missing (crash)


New feature:

  • #56 Add an option to skip questions

Update dependency on the Confluence XML package to version 9.32.0.



Bugs fixed:

  • #24 The imported pages list is reported as empty when migrating on a subwiki
  • #47 Missing history comments


Update dependency on the Confluence XML package to version 9.31.3


Update dependency on the Confluence XML package to version 9.31.1


Update dependency on the Confluence XML package to version 9.31.0, which disable migration of archived space by default, and provides parameters to enable migration of archived spaces and documents.


Update dependency on the Confluence XML package to version 9.29.6, which improves performance of the step right after creating a migration and before the space selection a lot.


Update dependency on the Nested Page Migrator to version 0.10.1


Update dependency on the Confluence XML package to version 9.29.5


Update dependency on the Confluence XML package to version 9.29.3


  • Update dependency on the Confluence XML package to version 9.29.2
  • Fix #41


Dependency upgrades: Confluence XML package to version 9.29.1 and Licensor to version 1.24.4.



  • #42: Javascript error about XWiki.FileUploader not being defined on migration pages
  • #44: Input and output filter stream parameters are not always respected


  • #28: Remove SORL queue line in prerequisites and make the process automatic
  • #33: Automate listener deactivation when a migration starts


  • #34: Remove notifications prerequisites



  • #35 Output filter property "Preserve version" is incorrectly set to false by default





#26 Add the option to specify path to the Confluence export in the server


#27 Rename Step 2 in "Choose an export package"



#17 Maintain image width and height set in Confluence

Uses version 9.29.0 of Confluence XML


#29 Upgrade Licensor dependency to version 1.24.3



Uses version 9.28.0 of Confluence XML



Uses version 9.27.0 of Confluence XML



Uses version 9.26.0 of Confluence XML


Bugs fixed:

#25 Space selection does not filter out blogs from other spaces #25


Uses version 9.25.0 of Confluence XML which supports blog-only migrations and adf extensions (the note macro)


Bugs fixed:

#18 Cannot use the migrator on subwikis


#20 Support permissions migration


#19 Support Blog Posts migration


Bugs fixed:

#14 The pro migrator is not working for free licenses
#15 The license manager fails to initialize after the Confluence Migrator Pro is installed and XWiki is restarted



First version of the application containing the following functionalities:

  • homepage with prerequisites, backup packages and reports on previous migrations,
  • multi space migration,
  • run multiple migration simultaneously 
  • import configuration 
  • detailed report showing the pages imported successfully, along with the ones affected by errors

Extension details

This information is only displayed to Administrators. Your users can't see this tab.


  • GNU Lesser General Public License 2.1




  • xar

Developed by


  • Requires false or above.

Installable with the Extension Manager


  • com.xwiki.confluencepro:application-confluence-migrator-pro-default 1.20.1
  • com.xwiki.confluencepro:application-confluence-migrator-pro-converters 1.20.1
  • org.xwiki.contrib.listeneradmin:application-listener-admin-ui 1.0.2
  • com.xwiki.licensing:application-licensing-licensor-api 1.25
  • org.xwiki.platform:xwiki-platform-rendering-macro-velocity 14.10
  • org.xwiki.platform:xwiki-platform-display-html 14.10
  • org.xwiki.platform:xwiki-platform-livedata-macro 14.10
  • org.xwiki.platform:xwiki-platform-filter-script 14.10
Created by Stefana Nazare on 2023/09/27 09:39
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