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5 5  The Active Directory application that allows you to easily connect your Active Directory server to XWiki using a **visual editor**. Active Directory application implements one of the many [[User Authentication>>]] mechanisms available in XWiki and it uses the information from an [[Active Directory>>]] server.
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7 +{{info}}
8 +The application is compatible with directory services that use LDAP Protocol for data access like [[Active Directory Domain Service (AD DS)>>]] server, [[Azure Active Directory Domain Services>>]] and other LDAP services. The application is not compatible with [[Azure Active Directory>>]] , which uses Uses Graph API for data access. This application also does not include [[SAML>>]] support . We cover these needs through a [[separate service>>]]. Please [[contact us>>]] to find out more.
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7 7  A connection needs to be set between XWiki and Active Directory in order to synchronize their users and groups. Active Directory users will be able to authenticate in XWiki and a dedicated XWiki user will be created at the first login. It is also possible to import users from an LDAP server to XWiki, as described in the //Documentation// tab.
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9 9  In order to use this application, follow the [[Installation guide>>Extension.ActiveDirectoryApplication||anchor="installation"]] and then configure it from the [[Wiki Administration>>]]
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